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Acrylic Print Face Mount

Acrylic prints are a beautiful and modern way to display your photographs around your home or office. It provides each photograph with a smooth, polished finish. Each acrylic print face mount comes with 4 bolts on the corner which is visible in the image below. Each print is mounted flush to 4.5mm acrylic. The adhesive is optically clear, similar to glass but provides a much safer and durable product. We use acrylic as it will not shatter like glass if dropped which is safer especially around a family home. It is available with metallic or gloss prints and will come in the metal bolt finishing for display. 

If you are looking for a unique yet vibrant product we would definitely recommend our acrylic face mount prints to you. If you are an artist this makes an efficient and different way of displaying your work. Even for photographers, this product is excellent for you.

Our metallic prints offer a vibrant and very modern look whereas our gloss prints produce a more subtle but smooth, polished finish. The paper choice depends on the style you are looking for.

You can order standard size acrylic prints through our RGB Digital Direct software.

Custom sizes are available up to 12 x 18″. For a quote for an acrylic face mount, please contact us at info@rgbdigital.com.au

Acry Prints
Service Time

7 working days in the lab. Click here for more information on service times and courier charges for acrylic face mounts and more.

8 x 8″
10 x 20″
8 x 12″
10 x 22″
8 x 16″
10 x 24″
8 x 22″
10 x 30″  $137.00
 10 x 14″ $81.0012 x 18″$107.00

Our full range of sizes and prices for our acrylic prints are listed in our RGB Digital Direct Software.

Pricing applies to RGB Digital Direct Desktop Software Only