Art Mounts

About Art Mounts

Art Mounts are a modern, affordable way to display photographs in your home or office.

They are lightweight, strong and stable. Very easy to hang on a hook or with 3M command adhesive.

Art Mounts are created with an archival print that is over-laminated with cold satin textured laminate and bonded with high strength glue to a 20mm high-density foam board, the whole product is acid-free.

Art Mounts are a great alternative to Framing or Canvases and, have a classic modern look.

The Edging Options are Black, White or Gallery Wrap where the image is wrapped around the edges. An extra 1inch all around must be allowed for a gallery wrap e.g. a 12″ x 18″ gallery wrap would need to be 14″ x 20″.

Custom Sizes are also available in our downloadable software RGB Digital Direct.

Gallery Wrap Art Mount

The full range of art mount products are available to order in RGB Digital Direct

Service Time

5 working days in lab. Click here for more information on service times and courier charges for this product.

The baseboards are manufactured from locally sourced material so the process is totally Australian made, creating local jobs without importing.

Each board is created in our Yeerongpilly mounting department and are finished in a vacuum press to ensure consistancy in the product.

We make our boards to a much higher specification than what we can buy anywhere and undergo our quality control, therefore, you can be assured that they will last a lifetime.

Most other 20mm boards are low-density foam, coated with a water-soluble adhesive and a 80ums paper coating our boards are high-density foam, coated with a high grip non-water-soluble adhesive and have a 500ums screen board coating.

Art Mount Structure