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View a wide range of articles relating to photography and printing. Click the links below to browse our continuing collection. In addition, if you are looking for information on printing, photography or other related topics we would recommend browsing our collection. These articles are written to help you with printing and give you useful tips and guides along the way. These will help answer any questions you may have or alternatively click here to view our frequently asked questions to further assist you with your experience in using our lab. Therefore, if you have further questions regarding these articles or other concerns please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Photography Articles

Understand how to optimize the quality and experience during your online video calls and conferences. This will help you have a more productive and connected video call by following these suggestions.

Find out all about the benefits of printing with Kodak paper and the technology built into it. In this article it explains the importance of printing with true photographic paper.

Here is the comparison of different paper and inks used in the printing industry. In the article, it compares the uses, pros, cons and archival life. There is a comparison of numerous paper types.

Aspect ratio is about the dimensions to set your images before printing photographs. In this article, it also explains how to crop, photograph and resize your images to avoid image distortion when printing.

As flooding is common here is Australia it is important to know you can save you photographs after being flood affected. Just follow the steps in this article to restore your photographs. This will require limited resources too.

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