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Benefits of Monitor Colour Calibration

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Monitor calibration is an essential component to photography and printing. It allows colour accuracy across all your images. You may ask, why bother calibrating your monitor? Well, not only does it save time, but it will ease your workload and reduce printing mistakes, overall, saving money. In addition, it will increase your workflow, decrease printing errors and allows for consistent use across different devices. This simple task is worth your time to ensure you can rely on your monitor every time you print with a professional photographic lab.

The aim of calibrating your monitor is to ensure a realistic colour representation of your photographs before deciding to print them. Therefore, this will represent the true image and simulate what the printed photograph will look like after production. The colour might look off or not exactly how you edited it to be if your monitor is not calibrated. This will make printing and editing more time consuming and difficult. Overall, monitor calibration is a necessity when it comes to photo editing and production.


Calibrating your computer will increase your workflow as it reduces the reliance on the human eye. This can be incorrect from time to time as everyone’s vision is different. It will also decrease the time spent on editing as it will be the same as the original picture, so you won’t be making unnecessary changes. It is important that all on-screen images appear the same as the image that was taken on the camera. Using a monitor calibrator is the key to this allowing the image to be displayed as accurately as possible. Therefore, by colour calibrating your monitor, it will reduce the time spent on editing, increasing the workflow.

Decreases printing errors

Through colour calibrating your monitor, it will allow the colour to be an accurate representation of what will be printed. If the monitor colour is off it will cause the prints to come out different to what is expected after editing them. This will only waste money and time, as prints will have to be redone. This may cause the white and black points to be off, or skin tones are not true to form. This will only result in printing error after printing error. By calibrating your monitor it will save you money as you will not constantly be required to reprint images.

Different devices

Looking at the same image on different monitors will give you a different colour perspective of the image. By colour calibrating all your monitors, it will allow you to accurately work across multiple monitors without any issues. Screens are not built already colour calibrated, so this is essential especially when editing photos. If you do not colour calibrate all your monitors and choose to work across multiple, this will unnecessarily waste time. Colour calibrating all monitors will allow for a universal display of colour across them all reducing waste, time, and money.

Take advantage of test prints and paper samples

Here at RGB Digital, we offer both test prints and paper samples. Ordering test prints and paper samples will enable you to fully understand the difference in colour and how effective your calibrations are. This is a cost-effective way of checking your colour and understanding what each paper type will look like when printed on. Instead of going straight to ordering large volumes of and them all not turning out correctly. This will ensure you will not waste time and money reprinting something because it did not turn out the way you expected. It will also assist with your monitor calibrations.

Calibration regularity

We advise that you colour calibrate your monitor at least once a month to accommodate for any colour shifts that may occur. This will ensure great accuracy every time.

Therefore, it is clear that colour calibrating all of your monitors is necessary when choosing to edit photos. It will save you money, time, and resources by carrying out such a simple task. Devices to colour calibrate are available from $80 to $500.

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