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Business Cards and Flyers

Business cards are an essential marketing tool for all.

Having all your essential contact information in one place makes it easier for you to share your details.

Press printed and quality cardstock, these are sure to impress your customers

Business Cards and Flyers

Our business cards are press printed on our quality cardstock, with the options of being single-sided or double-sided. You can insert any design into our software. We have volume pricing for our business cards.

We recommend including the following on your business cards:

- Your name

- Business name

- Job title

- Email

- Phone

- Website

- Address

- Social Media

Our business flyers are great for advertising and business requirements. We have a variety of sizes including DL, A5, A4 and A3. They are all press printed in bulk the same cardstock as our business cards. There is the option for either a 150 gsm or 300 gsm paper. We print these exactly to how you request them.

100 single sided cards (90x55mm)$27.00
250 single sided cards (90x55mm)$42.00
500 single sided cards (90x55mm)$65.00
1000 single sided cards (90x55mm)$95.00
100 double sided cards (90x55mm)$34.00
250 double sided cards (90x55mm)$45.00
500 double sided cards (90x55mm)$75.00
1000 double sided cards (90x55mm)$110.00
100 DL single sided$23.00
100 DL double sided (150gsm)$29.00
100 DL double sided (300gsm)$35.00
100 A5 single sided$36.00
100 A5 double sided (150gsm)$47.00
100 A5 double sided (300gsm)$56.00
100 A4 singe sided$66.00
100 A4 double sided (150gsm)$87.00
100 A4 double sided (300gsm)$104.00
100 A3 singe sided$126.00
100 A3 double sided (150gsm)$168.00
100 A3 double sided (300gsm)$200.00

*only apply to desktop software and Roes web*

Business Cards and Flyers

3 business days in the lab, as this is a press product.

Keep in mind that our cut-off time is 11 am. Any orders placed after this time will go into the next days production.

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