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Business Needs

For every business, there are certain requirements you must have. We press print to cater to many business needs, covering all aspects of business printing. If you are looking for high-quality press printing we have got you covered. If you are looking for design assistance as well, we can help you out. We are here to support all businesses in preparing to increase their client bases. What you may require is business cards, flyers, posters, envelopes, cards, photo folders, calendars and office interior wall art.

These are all available to order through our desktop software and can be delivered straight to your door through our express shipping service.

Business Cards

Business cards are a business essential allowing you to give all your contact details out to your clients simultaneously. These make a great first impression. We can mass-press print business cards to a high quality with great detail. Choose from a range of package sizes and between double and single-sided cards.

Business Flyers

Business flyers are an important need for business events and for displaying information. We can press print business flyers to cater to your needs. Simply design it however you like and we can have them printed within 3-days. There is the option to have them single or double-sided. We also can print posters that are A4 or A3 in size.

Printed Envelopes

Full colour printed envelopes always attract more attention than plain ones. Also, they look professional and make the job look more complete. These are ideal for payment envelopes, especially for school and child care photography. It is the finer details for your business that make the greatest impression. With these custom envelopes for your company, it will make your brand stand out. These are highly affordable and can be mass produced to suit your needs. What better way to promote your brand than to give a professionally printed card to make your clients impressed.


We offer Christmas cards and greeting cards which are great for businesses to hand out to clients. You can personalise them as much as you like or use one of our templates for convenience. These will give you a professional look, making all your clients feel appreciated. These make lovely gifts.

Photo Folders

This is a great way to professionally display your photos to clients through your business. These will be press printed with your logo or any design you choose. It comes precut corner holes so you can simply slip your prints into them. It will also protect your images.

Press calendars

Press calendars are a fabulous marketing tool for your business all day, every day, as it will be on the wall or desk of your customers all year long. By giving your clients a practical advertising product it is less likely to go in the rubbish. That is why calendars make a great choice when it comes to advertising devices. We offer a range of calendar choices including clipboard calendars, desktop tent calendars, CD case calendars, A3 top bound calendars, A4 bound in the middle, DL fridge calendar, A4 saddle-stitched. They all come press printed on 300 GSM paper and printed to size.

Office Interior Wall Art

To brighten up any office space interior wall art is a great option. It will fill any space and will make any business office look more appealing. We offer a wide range of wall art ranging from frames, chromaluxe, wallpaper, fine art float mounts, acrylic face mounts, canvases and collections. This will make your office look more professional and give a good impression to all your customers.

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