Canvas Prints

Stretched canvas prints are available to order in a thin ( 19mm ) or thick ( 38mm ) frame. 

We print on Canson matte cotton canvas with archival inks and finish the print with your choice of a matte or glossy UV protective spray coating.

Every canvas is custom made. Frames are cut to size and hand-stretched.

Use our RGB Digital Direct programs canvas section to upload your orders. If you have custom a custom size canvas please contact us at info@rgbdigital.com.au for a quote and use the upload a file method to send us your sized image.

Please size your files appropriately for your canvas order by following the pricing table below.
A thin canvas requires an extra one inch of image on each side and a thick canvas requires an extra two inches on each side.

Keep in mind that any detail within the extra one/two inches of the edge of the image will be wrapped around the edge of the frame.

Service Time

5 working days in lab. Click here for more information on service times and courier charges for this product.

Pricing applies to RGB Digital Direct Desktop Software Only