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Canvas Prints

Our Stretched Canvas Prints are printed and produced in stores here at RGB. We pride ourselves in quality so you can expect nothing but the best.

These canvas frames are a traditional display product but are timeless.

This product never fails to meet your expectations!

*Photography by Kristian Laine*

Canvas Prints

Stretched Canvas Prints are a traditional yet elegant way of displaying images. It is a fantastic product for art reproduction or for photographers.

Our stretched canvases are available in two widths, either a 19mm bar or a 38mm bar. This is a traditional way to display images around your home or business, or make a great product for photographers to offer.

Everyone of our frames are custom made by hand to your specifications. They are cut to size and hand stretched around the frame.

Ensure to leave 1 inch of the image to be wrapped around the edge for the 19mm bar and 2 inches for the 38mm bar.


We prints the canvas on our Canson matte cotton canvas with our archival inks. This ensures that there is a high quality of printing.

The canvas is a genuine giclee fine art paper that is 400 gsm that is water resistant. This paper enables a full range of colours with a high white and black point, displaying the colours beautifully.

The canvas is stretched over a strong wooden frame and precisely folded and attached to the wood.

We use a UV protective coating over the top of our canvas to give it a beautiful satin finish which protects it from fading. This enables easy cleanign too.

Size - Inches Price
19mm Bar
10 x 10" $55.00
11 x 14" $60.00
12 x 12" $55.00
12 x 18" $72.00
14 x 14" $68.00
16 x 16" $82.00
16 x 20" $97.00
16 x 24" $110.00
20 x 20" $118.00
20 x 24" $137.00
38mm Bar
10 x 15" $66.00
10 x 10" $60.00
11 x 14" $66.00
12 x 12" $60.00
12 x 18" $80.00
14 x 14" $76.00
16 x 16" $92.00
16 x 20" $105.00
16 x 24" $121.00
20 x 20" $129.00
20 x 24" $152.00
20 x 30" $181.00
20 x 32" $191.00
24 x 36" $261.00
30 x 30" $264.00
30 x 40" $352.00


*only apply to desktop software and Roes web*

Canvas Prints

5 business days in the lab, as this is a wall display product.

Keep in mind that our cut-off is 11 am. Any orders placed after this will go into the nexts days production.