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Dakis Online Ordering

Our Online Lab Software – Dakis is great for small orders and works well with all mobile and tablet devices. This ordering system is made for convenience as it enables you to order of your smart devices. We recommend this ordering system if you are looking to order mainly prints. It is simple and easy to use and does not require you to download any software.

Dakis online ordering is the best choice for casual orders but we recommend using our desktop software for more frequent ordering.

If you are ordering a large volume of prints or products we recommend our desktop solution RGB Digital Direct as opposed to Dakis. This will enable you to have our complete product range and will give you the latest specials and volume pricing. If you plan to be a regular customer with us or want the full range of offers we recommend you download our desktop software.

RGB Digital Direct also offers volume discounts on popular print sizes when you are ordering 26 or more prints. This is great for artists and photographers placing large orders enabling you to save on each order even through Dakis.


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