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Set up an FTP account…

RGB Digital has a web-based FTP server so you can send your files directly to us. FTP is most 
suitable for photographic businesses with frequent or large print orders.

To request an FTP account please call us on (07) 3426 8200. We will require a username, password and your contact details.

We will email you an order form to add to your order and our FTP user guidelines, once you have received these you will be ready to order.

To upload, go to the address given and log in with your username and password.

  • Make sure ‘Flash’ is selected, not html
  • Click on the ‘upload’ button
  • Select simple to upload per file or advanced to upload multiple files/folders
  • Browse for files/folders
  • Leave the ‘zip’ option unmarked
  • Click ‘start upload’

The time it takes for your files to upload will depend upon the speed of your internet connection and the size of your files. The process may take from a few minutes to hours.

You MUST phone or email us once your upload has been completed. Otherwise, your order will not be printed.

***11AM is our cut off for any orders to be dispatched that same day***

Having Problems?

Our Crush FTP uploader will not work on internet explorer. 

Your firewall may need to be disabled while your order is sent.

The uploader requires Java – a free download is available here.

Check that ports 20 & 21 are open.

Please call if you still have problems.