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Hightail is an alternative way of ordering your photos but is not the preferred method. We recommend either using our RGB Digital Direct desktop software or our online ordering system. However, if you cannot place an order this way Hightail is a great alternative. Just simply ensure you follow the steps below to complete your order. Above all ensure that you email us after you upload your images to hightail as this is just as important.

We recommend using Hightail if:

The following button will take you to our Hightail account. Please zip your folders into one file prior to uploading.

Please email info@rgbdigital.com.au to give us the details of your order, including a spreadsheet of what you have ordered.

Hightail orders may add 24 hrs onto our service times as we have to download the order from the server.

For alternative ways to order click here to view all the options. If you require additional assistance with placing your order do not hesitate to contact us here.

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