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IKEA Frame Print Sizes

Ikea Frames have always been good value, but to buy prints for there sizes can sometimes be hard to find. They are measured in a different size to the traditional photographic print. Sometimes converting these sizes to fit you IKEA frame will result in the images either being too large or small for your purchased frame.

Look no further we print the IKEA frame print sizes for every frame they make. ORDER HERE NOW. These sizes are printed to fit in your IKEA frames exactly right without you prints turning out too large or too small. You no longer need to worry about ill-fitting prints in your frames as we print exactly to size.

The prints are available in true photographic and fine art papers. This ranges from premium lustre, premium gloss, enhanced matte, rag photographique and aquarelle rag. We offer a wide range of print options to cater to exactly what you are looking for.

The IKEA print sizes we offer are

10cm x 15cm

13cm x 13cm

13cm x 18cm

15cm x 20cm

21cm x 30cm

23cm x 23cm

30cm x 30cm

30cm x 40cm

40cm x 50cm

50cm x 50cm

50cm x 70cm

61cm x 91cm

All the prints are trimmed ready to fit your new frames.


The use of the name IKEA does not identify an association between us and the IKEA brand or recommendation from the IKEA brand.

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