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Art Mounts

Art Mounts
Art mount

 Art Mounts are a modern, affordable way to display photographs in your home.


The print is over laminated with cold sand textured laminate and bonded to a 10mm or 20mm high density foam board.


Art Mounts are a great alternative to Framing or Canvases and have a classic modern look.


About Our Art Mounts

Edging Options are Black, White or Gallery Wrap where the image is wrapped around the edges. An extra 1inch all around must be allowed for a gallery wrap e.g. a 12" x 18" gallery wrap would need to be 14" x 20".

Custom Sizes are also available

Gallery Wrap Art MountBlack Edge Art MountWhite Edge Art Mount

The full range of art mount products are available to order in 
RGB Digital Direct

Service Time

5 working days in lab. Click here for more information on service times and courier charges for this product.
Since Jan 2017 we have been making our own Art Mount board - we were driven to this as the product we were being supplied stopped being imported and we could not locate board that would meet our quality requirements.
We manufacture our boards from locally sourced material so the process is totally Australian made.
Each board is created in our Yeerongpilly mounting department and are finished in a vacuum press to ensure consistancy in the product.
We make our boards to a much higher specification than what we can buy anywhere.
Most other 20mm boards are low density foam, coated with a water soluble adhesive and a 80ums paper coating our boards are high density foam, coated with a high grip non water soluble adhesive and have a 500ums screen board coating.
Art Mount Structure


Pricing applies to RGB Digital Direct Desktop Software only


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  • All of our traditional Photographic lustre and gloss prints are exposed on Kodak Professional Premier Endura VC Digital Paper which has an archival life

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About us

RGB Digital was founded in 2003 to offer quality digital print products to photographers at an affordable price. The range of offerings available has grown year to year and we now have the largest product range available from any other professional lab in Australia

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