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Photo and Film Scanning

Scan your photos and film

Bring or send us your photographs, negatives, and slides and we can scan and supply you digital copies to share with your whole family with our photo and film scanning services.

To get an idea of the resolution you would like – Standard will reproduce a print of about 10″ on the long edge. High will reproduce a print of about 40″ on the long edge. This represents the resolution of the file and should not be confused with the quality of the image.

Photo and Film Scanning takes around 3 days.

Photo Scanning
Number of Photos
Price per Photo 

*Photograph scans can be a higher res but will incur a 50% surcharge

Film Scanning
Qty 35mm – Epson Scanner
Std (2400dpi)
High (4800dpi)
Single Negative
$2.95 per scan
$4.95 per scan
Strip of 6
$1.50 per scan
$2.20 per scan
Roll of 36
$1.10 per scan$1.50 per scan
Qty 120mm – Epson Scanner  
Single Negative
$2.95 per scan$4.85 per scan
Strip of 3-4
$1.50 per scan$2.20 per scan
Qty 4×5 & 8×10 Film  
Single Negative
$4.95 per scan$9.95 per scan

*Negative and Transparency scans can be up to 6400 ppi and incur a 50% surcharge

Additional Services
Burn to CD
Burn to DVD
Courier Return
Image enhancement is $145 per hour charged in 15min lots. Prices are per each.

Photo and Film Scanning is a great way to share your treasured family memories. It is also a great way to cherish your memories for even longer than before.

We offer a few different services and options for after you go through with our services. View below for some of our specific photo and film scanning services.

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