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Photo Restoration

Some photos keep such precious memories, however, become damaged over time. Damaged to the point it almost seems irreparable. With our technology and professional photo scanning capabilities, we can repair images to look as if it was never damaged. It is best to repair your old photos before they get worse. As some memories are just too precious to lose. Creases, faded areas, tears, tape marks, missing areas and other spot damages we can repair with our photo restoration technology. Additionally, with our colour correcting technology we can even restore photos that have faded over time.

We look after the original document with great care. Then scan the picture to a high-resolution file, most importantly, storing the original safely. We then complete the restoration on the digital file. This improves the colour and fixes the damaged parts. All completed without harming the original. All edits to the image will look natural to the style of the photos so that the restoration will not stand out. A digital copy of your image will be given to you once the restoration has been completed. Therefore, enabling the image to be enlarged and printed again on our photographic paper. This has an archival life of 200 years which will preserve your image for many more generations.

Bring your images to us at RGB Digital and we will be able to restore them for you. No matter how bad your image may be. Above all, the results of our photo restorations are unbelievable. We do this all in-house ensuring the security of your precious memories.

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