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Photographic Printing Technologies

A rundown of current printing Technologies with advantages and disadvantages

TypeUsesProsConsArchival LifeOther NamesHistory
Silver HalideProfessional Albums
Display Prints
Prints for your shoe box or album
Framed prints
Best archival life for photographic printing
Is the only true photographic printing
Has been around for many years so can be trusted
Can be handled with out further protection
Does not mark or scratch easily
Cost per print
Equipment to print on is expensive
Limited range of paper choices

Chemical waste needs the silver removed before disposal
200 Years – Kodak Professional
80 Years – Fujifilm Crystal Archive
C type printing
Wet Lab
black and white 1890’s
Colour 1960’s
Pigment Ink Jet AnhydrousProfessional wide format printing
Framed prints
Wide variety of paper types
Equipment is moderatly priced
Marks scratches and scuffs easily
Needs protective coating if it is to be handled
Cost per print
Inks – 80 Years, Papers are unknownK3 
Dye Ink Jet AnhydrousAt home printingDry LabsEquipment is cheap
Cost per printNot consider archivalAt home inkjet

Dry Lab
Inkjet Eco SolventSignage and display
Car Wraps
Great range of self adhesive and signage medias available Must be used in a ventilated environment5 to 7 years outdoors  
Inkjet SolventSignage and display
Low running costsConsidered to be unsafe to use in closed enviroments5 to 7 years outdoors  
Ink Jet LatexSignage and display
Car Wraps
Low Running costs and a large range of mediasHigh cost of equipment compared to other inkjet technologies Unknown  
Digital OffsetGreeting Cards
Photo Books
Promotional products
Short run printing 
Prints double sidedOnly can print on papers upto 300gsmDepends on paper type and use  
OffsetLong run printingExtreamly low print costOnly viable for long runDepends on paper type and use  
Dye Sublimation – PrintOnsite printingEasy portable printers ideal for event photographersLow quality print with limited lifeVaries due storage and heatDry Lab 
Dye Sublimation – ProductsRange of promotional productsGreat for Cups, clothing and promotional printingNeeds high heat and pressure Depends on substrate   
UV curable ink jetpromotional products
Signage and display
Can print on large range of promotional products and flat bed signageCost of equipment and the ink sets hard so not suitable for flexable productsDepends on inks used  

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