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Photographic Prints

True Photographic Prints – Silver Halide

All our traditional Photographic lustre and gloss prints are exposed on Kodak Professional Premier Endura Digital Paper which has an archival life of 200 years. 

Our true photographic prints are exposed by Laser not LED giving a higher D Max and exposure speeds more suitable for the paper, resulting in truer colour reproduction.

Photographic Printing

Print sizes from wallet to 30" x 60"

Custom-sized prints are also available, for more information, contact our friendly staff.

We also offer a Canvas Texture finish to our traditional photographic gloss and lustre prints. This is a texture imprinted onto the paper to give your images a richer, more distinct look and also aids in the copyright of your images making them more difficult to scan.

If you would like to take a look at our photographic paper stock, you can request samples here.

Paper Information

Kodak Professional Endura Premier is the best commercial and portrait/social colour paper there is. It sets the gold standard for print quality.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper is designed to raise the limits for portrait/social professional paper even further with more vibrant colours, deeper blacks and whiter whites.

ENDURA Premier Paper features a technological breakthrough, the latest advancement in coupler technology, which expands your capability to create high-quality print output; professional, compelling prints that accurately preserve memories.

Due to Kodak's innovative cyan dispersion and emulsion technology, you can benefit from an even larger colour gamut, all the while maintaining clean whites, rich blacks, and realistic skin tones.

With an increased colour gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colours it produces an image with clean, sharp text and graphics for photo books, greeting cards and more.


Please refer to our ROES web online ordering system here.

Turn-around Time

1 business day in the lab.

Keep in mind that our daily cut-off is 11 am. All orders placed after this will go into the next days production.

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