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Placemats and Coasters

Our placemats and coasters make great gifts or promotional products for businesses. They make unique gifts and will serve as an everyday promotional reminder to all your customers and clients. If you want to make your office look even more professional these drink coasters are great to have around. Or simply if you wish to design your own placemats and coasters around your home this is a great opportunity to do so. It gives you the ability to showcase your photographs or art in many different practical forms.


Placemats are a fun way to display your photos in your home. 

Our placemats are made from high-quality fibreboard material. Your photographs or artwork are heat transferred onto the fibreboard through a dye-sublimation process.

This results in the placemat having a smooth glossy finish.

Customise your own placemats in our RGB Digital Direct software.


L: 20.2cm

W: 26cm

H: 0.35mm

placemat front
placemat back


Coasters are also a unique way to display your photographs or artwork at home or in your office.

Our coasters are also made from high-quality fibreboard material but come with a cork backing.

They are also made through the same dye-sublimation process as placemats, with the same smooth glossy finish.

Customise your own coasters in our RGB Digital Direct software.


L: 9.5cm

W: 9.5cm

H: 0.4mm

coaster front
coaster back

Our placemats and coasters are available to order in our desktop software.