RGB Digital Direct

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RGB Digital Direct is a full-featured yet easy to use desktop application, which allows you to have access to our photographic and press products directly from your desktop.

The products are loaded from our website allowing real-time updates every time you launch. This provides you with the latest products and prices, as well as an extensive application packed with many easy to use features.

Image thumbnails and lab products are displayed in a straight forward and easily understood manner, making order entry easy.RGB Digital Direct is compatible with Both Windows and Macintosh OSX platforms.RGB Digital Direct is also known as ROES – Remote Order Entry System.

Some of the features of RGB Digital Direct:

• Digital Direct automatically updates with new products and functions

• Faster turn around times on orders

• Almost every product available through RGB Pro Lab can be ordered

• Zoom in and crop your images within the software

• Rotate your images by single degrees to tilt for effect, or to correct without using other software

• Send your order directly over the internet or save for later to send or post on a disc/USB drive

• Create print packages for ease of ordering multiple sizes of the same print – ideal for school photography

• Orders are automatically encrypted for your security. 

Once your order has uploaded in RGB Digital Direct you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you do not receive a confirmation email we may not have received your order. This can happen when an internet connection is interrupted and can cause truncated files, or if the RGB Digital Direct software was closed prior to the upload being complete. All credit cards are charged manually in-store. Please contact us on (07) 3426 8200 or at info@rgbdigital.com.au if you do not receive a confirmation email for your order.  


1. Open RGB Digital Direct and select add images

RGB Digital Direct

2. Navigate to your image folder and click ‘choose’

RGB Digital Direct

3. Use the drop-down menu to navigate our product range

RGB Digital Direct

4. Drag and drop your image into the middle template and click ‘add to order’

RGB Digital Direct 2

5. Go to shopping cart and review your order, click on ‘check out’ to send your order and follow through the prompts

RGB Digital Direct 3

6. Check your emails to make sure you have received a confirmation email – if you do not receive one your order may not have been received.

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