School Printing

Package Printing – there are a large range of package printing options in our desktop ordering software RGB Digital Direct  (RGBDD), from wallets to 10″ x 8″ prints in both colour and Black and White, we can also create special packages built to your requirements.

Package of school photographs

Composite Groups – A large range of composite groups are available in our desktop software RGBDD, we can also create custom composites with our advanced software, from a small class composite to a whole school composite of 1000+ just let us know your requirements and we create the products for you.

Featured Student Composite Groups – Through our advanced software we can create composite groups that feature a student in a lager portrait than those in the group we can also control the position of teachers and staff in the group.

Traditional Groups – Traditional groups are still the most popular way to sell school photographs, you can design your own or have ouf graphics department help you with your design, we can also laminate the groups for you which is  a popular choice for parents.

Traditional School Group

Laminating – Why not laminate your group photographs, we offer hot laminate encapsulation which will help keep the photographs as good as the day they were printed, encapsulation protects the photograph from the environment and wear and tear. Laminate offers your client peace of mind when ordering school groups from you.

Novelty – Adding novelty items to your school packages will always improve your sales, bookmarks, calendars, bordered prints and swap cards are always popular additions.

Book marks for school photography

Payment Envelopes – Printing on envelopes is always hard we offer this as a black and white or colour service.

Payment envelope for school Photos

Order Forms – Press printed colour order forms are a great way for you to display a wide variety of package and print options, order forms can be produced with individual students details and images, give us a call and inquire with what your requirements are.

Order form for school photography

Packing supplies – We can supply you with a variety of bags and cards so you can professionally package your school packs.

With over 30 years experience in School photography we are your ideal choice for product printing and advise.