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Shoebox Scanning

Don’t let your old photographs sit in a box and gather dust! Shoebox scanning is the service for you.  

Gather together your favourite old photographs and send them to us in a shoebox or box and have up to 500 photographs professionally scanned and delivered back to you as digital files in JPG format. 

Post them on Facebook or Instagram, print copies to distribute to your family and friends or store them in your digital photo collection.

Your photographs will be scanned within 48 hours and returned overnight by tracked courier with our shoebox scanning.

Here’s How Shoebox Scanning Works

1. Grab any old box or shoebox and fill it with up to 500 of your favourite photographs up to A4 in size

2. Send your shoebox to us by post or drop them off to us at the lab

3. We will professionally scan your photographs to your specifications

4. Courier your photographs back to you

5. And send your files to you via secure download

6. That’s it!


Package Deal - $99 (excluding courier) 

Scan up to 500 photographs (max. A4 in size)

300ppi - Perfect for scanning and printing

Files sent to you via secure download

Add Ons:

Scans saved to a 16GB USB - $15 each

Overnight Courier:

Standard overnight courier fee - $14.00 per box

Why Choose Us

We scan everything in house with options to print, frame or mount.

That means we don't send your precious photographs overseas to India or China as some online services do.

Your images are returned with an original and enhanced version to protect the integrity of the original and enhanced to improve the quality.

Our scanner offers a range of enhancements: colour restoration, red-eye reduction, auto-enhancement and even captures handwritten notes on the back of your photographs.

Ready To Place Your Shoebox Scanning Order?

Download an order form here.

Print and fill out the order form.

Send your shoebox or box of photographs with your completed order form to us to place your order.

Help Us Help You

Photos for bulk scanning must be unmounted, not torn or bent, and be between 2” x 3” and 8” x 12”.

Mounted prints can be scanned but are charged at an individual price.

Photographs need to be out of envelopes and removed from album pages.

Photographs are scanned at 300ppi as standard.

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