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Volume Photo Pricing

Volume photo pricing is available for our popular silver halide photographic print sizes. When you need to print in bulk our volume photo pricing will cut down the cost the more you print.

The print quality is the same as non-volume prints and can be made up of a variety of different images. So don’t hesitate to stock up on prints as the more you print the cheaper it gets.

Volume photo pricing is great for many purposes. We recommend it for events, sports, wedding, childcare and school photographers or even for a family photo print run.

Our silver halide prints volume prints are printed on Kodak Professional Premier Endura Digital Paper. This professional photographic paper has an archival life of 200 years, meaning your prints will last for generations. Our true photographic prints are exposed by Laser not LED, giving a higher D Max and exposure speeds which is more suitable for the paper, resulting in more true colour reproduction.

If you wish to view our paper stock before ordering you can order a free paper sample delivered right to you. Click here to order.

Size 1 – 2526 – 99100+
6 x 4 0.350.320.30
5 x 7 0.900.750.70
6 x 8 1.200.950.85
6 x 9 1.301.050.90
8 x 10 1.801.651.55
8 x 12 2.452.151.85
10 x 14 4.253.853.55
10 x 15 4.603.953.65
A4 2.652.402.15
9 x 12 2.652.402.15

Volume Pricing is only available through our desktop ordering software RGB Digital Direct which can be downloaded here